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Name:A Sam Wilson/Steve Rogers community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A community for fans of Sam Wilson/Steve Rogers (Captain America/MCU)
[community profile] mcu_onyourleft is a community for all fans of Sam Wilson/Steve Rogers.

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Rules and Guidelines

We're here to have fun. Our number one rule is respect each other. If you don't like something, use the Back button or scroll on by.

Who can post here?
All members can post. You'll need to join the community to post. Posts will be publicly viewable to everyone unless you choose otherwise.

What can I post here?
We welcome all kinds of posts from fic to vids, picspams, linkspams, meta, fanwork searches and recs, and anything else you can imagine – just as long as it centers around Sam Wilson/Steve Rogers (or Sam Wilson & Steve Rogers).

Despite our comm name, both MCU and comics fanworks are welcome.

Threesomes, moresomes, past relationships, het and gen are all welcome, provided the primary focus of the work is Sam/Steve or Sam & Steve.

Please don't link to locked posts.

Anything not safe for work should be under a cut. (<cut text="Text that will show up on main comm page.">)

Can I post older work here?
Yes! Please do—we encourage you to post things that you want to share. Hopefully, having a community for Sam/Steve on Dreamwidth will make things easier to find.

When posting fic
1. Everything other than the header and summary must be behind a cut tag.
2. You can post the fic elsewhere and then post a link here if you prefer.
3. If you're promoting a WIP, please link to the first part and then the completed work only unless you are posting the WIP directly to the comm.
4. Please include at least Title, Pairing, Rating, and any Warnings.
5. Please use the tags provided. If you need a new tag, use the "mods! tag needed" tag and say in your post what is required.
6. If you'd like to use a more complete fic header, the following is a good guideline

Pairing or characters:

(There's an excellent generator here.)

When posting art, screencaps, icons, or vids
1. If the art or vid is larger than 300px in any direction, it must be behind a cut tag.
2. You may post a teaser graphic, but it should be no larger than 300px.
3. When posting icons, you may post up to three (SFW) teasers.

Contact a Mod
Please PM the mods if you have any queries.

[personal profile] teaotter made the gorgeous community banner. The default icon is by [personal profile] famira. Thank you both!
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